Our Staff & Testimonials

Rattan Montessori School staff have thorough knowledge and training in Montessori educational philosophy. Our directress received an A.M.I. (Association Montessori Internationale) from the XXXVII Indian Montessori Training Course in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. During this training she received direct instruction from Mr. Albert Max Joosten, a former student and protege of Dr. Montessori.

The three teaching assistants on staff at Rattan Montessori are native West Indians and offer more than 50 years combined experience in Montessori education. Rattan Montessori features staff members that are bilingual in both Spanish and French.


"Aiden went to Rattan Montessori for four years and it was the best four years of our lives. Miss Jane was an incredible teacher, nurturer, and example for my son. She helped him tap into his cretivity while instilling a love for learning holistically. He sees learning in everything he does and his curiosity is boundless. Rattan Montessori was the perfect place for Aiden to build his foundation because it left no gaps in his learning and social skills; in a word he's solid! Now Aiden has 'graduated' and is in the 2nd grade but takes Math, Reading, and Language Arts with 3rd graders." Dinah Browne

"I sought out the Rattan Montessori program to give my 2 + age son, an only child who suffered a mild speech delay, opportunities for socialization and peer interaction as well as speech advancement. The results have been dramatic. He has an enhanced vocabulary, follows directives and adjusts well to new social situations. When friends question whether a five day program is too much for his age, I am happy to affirm that school life has not been at all overwhelming, but has stimulated his desire to explore, play and learn." Gretchen S.

"The Montessori learning experience at Rattan Montessori has been amazing for all four of my children. The self-discovery, thirst for knowledge, and independence that my children have acquired is priceless and has been the fuel for their personal and academic success beyond the early years. I wouldn't trade my family's Montessori education for the world! Thanks to Miss Jane and the entire staff!" Dawn M.

"Education should no longer be mostly imparting knowledge but must take a new path, seeking the release of human potentials." Maria Montessori